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Uprtek Mk550t: A Comprehensive Guide To Calman Meter Connection And Settings



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In the realm of light measurement devices, the UPRtek MK550T stands as a prominent tool specifically designed for Calman meter connection and settings. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to aid users in effectively connecting and configuring the MK550T with Calman. The connection process entails linking the USB port of the MK550T to the Calman computer and initiating the automatic connection within the Calman software. Additionally, users have the option to manually add the meter by selecting the appropriate model from the available choices. Prior to using the meter, a dark calibration is necessary and can be executed through the Meter Initialization screen. With calibration complete, users can proceed to remove the lens cover and commence the Calman measuring session. The MK550T offers 20 custom modes for Meter Mode selection, each tailored to specific panel types with user-defined meter matrices. Accurate and stable measurements are contingent upon the selection of the appropriate exposure mode based on the display technology. Overall, the UPRtek MK550T provides users with a comprehensive guide to facilitate seamless Calman meter connection and settings.

Key Takeaways

  • The UPRtek MK550T can be connected to Calman software via USB port for automatic connection.
  • The Calman Meter Settings allow users to select from 20 custom modes and perform dark calibration.
  • Meter initialization is required before using the UPRtek MK550T, and the lens cover should be removed after completion.
  • Different exposure modes should be selected based on the display technology for optimum results, and stable measurements are important.

Calman Meter Connection

The Calman Meter Connection process for the UPRtek MK550T involves connecting the USB port of the meter to the Calman computer, launching Calman for automatic connection, and adding the meter through the Find Meter button if it is plugged in later. To establish the connection, the user needs to check the UPRtek MK550T (USB) option on the Find Meters dialog and click the Search button. This ensures that the meter is detected by Calman. The connection process is vital for seamless communication between the UPRtek MK550T and Calman software, enabling accurate measurement and analysis of display characteristics. By following these steps, users can easily establish the Calman Meter Connection and proceed with the calibration process.

Calman Meter Settings

One important aspect to consider when using the UPRtek MK550T with Calman is the configuration of the meter settings. The Calman Meter Settings tab provides several options for customization.

  • Selecting the appropriate Meter Mode is crucial, as there are 20 custom modes available. Each mode can have a user-defined meter matrix, which is essential for accurate measurements on specific panel types. It is important to note that selecting a meter mode without uploaded matrices will not yield accurate results.

  • Before starting the measuring session, it is necessary to perform a dark calibration by clicking the Initialize Meter button. This process takes about 10 seconds and should be done with the lens cover in place. Once the calibration is complete, the lens cover can be removed.

  • It is important to choose the right exposure mode for optimal results. The default mode is Fast 1.5 Second, but it is recommended to check for the fastest exposure mode in Continuous Read mode. The choice of exposure mode depends on the display technology being measured, and stable measurements are of utmost importance.

Meter Initialization Process

To embark on the journey of using the UPRtek MK550T with Calman, the process of meter initialization sets the stage for accurate measurements by performing a dark calibration and ensuring the lens cover is in place before the measuring session begins. The meter initialization process starts by clicking the "Initialize Meter" button on the Meter Initialization screen. A progress bar cycles for approximately 10 seconds, indicating the calibration process. After completion, the lens cover can be removed to prepare for the measuring session. This procedure is crucial in establishing a baseline for accurate measurements, as it eliminates any interference from external light sources. By following this initialization process, users can ensure that the UPRtek MK550T is properly calibrated and ready to provide precise and reliable measurements during their Calman session.

Different Exposure Modes

Different exposure modes are crucial in achieving optimum results when using the UPRtek MK550T with Calman, as they allow for the selection of the most suitable mode based on the display technology being measured and the importance of stable measurements. Here are four important points to consider regarding different exposure modes:

  1. Default Mode: The default exposure mode for the UPRtek MK550T is the Fast 1.5 Second mode. This mode provides a balance between speed and accuracy.

  2. Continuous Read Mode: In this mode, it is important to check for the fastest exposure mode available. This ensures that measurements are taken at the highest possible speed without sacrificing accuracy.

  3. Display Technology: The selection of the exposure mode depends on the type of display technology being measured. Different technologies may require different exposure times to capture accurate measurements.

  4. Stable Measurements: Stable measurements are crucial for accurate calibration. The exposure mode should be selected in a way that ensures stable readings, minimizing variations caused by fluctuations in the display.

By understanding and utilizing the different exposure modes available with the UPRtek MK550T, users can achieve precise and reliable measurements for their calibration needs.

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